Pond Maintenance
Updated May 26, 2023
Large algae blooms have been an issue in the ponds in and around Ballantrae for several years. Kemper Sports, who manages Golf Course of Dublin (GCD), is responsible for treating the ponds (while the City of Dublin is responsible for structural issues, erosion, etc). Under previous ownership, GCD deployed various tactics to try and slow the growth of these blooms; these efforts had some positive results but were not enough to return the algae to optimal levels for healthy pond ecosystems. We are very pleased to learn that Kemper has made a substantial financial investment to improve this situation.
  • Beginning Friday, May 26, 2023, local lake & pond management company Aqua Doc has been contracted to partner with GCD in managing the nuisance algae and aquatic vegetation.
  • Aqua Doc will be administering chemical treatments to all 11 ponds, covering 38 surface acres of water.
  • These are blanket applications, as opposed to spot treatments.
  • Treatments will occur on a bi-weekly basis and continue through the warmer months when algae growth flourishes
  • Technicians will spray from the shores. There are no concerns with children or pets as it relates to the application.
  • The rate at which the chemicals are applied is appropriate for the amount of water being treated; therefore this will not have any negative repercussions to any local wildlife.
  • Improvement will be gradual; within a few days of each treatment, however, we should be able to see a difference.
We are excited about this significant financial investment from Kemper to restore our ponds to their beautiful state on a year-round basis. If you have any questions about the ponds or the golf course, please submit them through this website, and the Ballantrae Community Association's Golf Course Committee will respond to them.